If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Anguilla, you know the physical beauty of the island is undeniable…the crystal clear turquoise water, the cleanest & softest white sand beaches, and the lush tropical vegetation. Spend some time there and what also becomes immediately apparent is the spirit of the Anguillan people…strong, resilient, resourceful…and proud of their native island. Family and faith are important values to the Anguillans.

In true Anguillan spirit, they have already started to rise up and begin the rebuilding efforts. However, it is projected to take months simply to restore electricity and running water to the island. In addition, tourism is the only industry on the island and tourism will not return until the island’s basic services of electricity and running water are restored and local restaurants can be rebuilt. Without tourism, many of the island’s residents will not have a means to make an income. The median household income is $26,000 per year. There are 15,000 permanent residents who call the 35 square mile paradise home and they need our help.

Anguilla Stronger was founded by the island’s largest real estate owners and private employers with the sole purpose of assisting the Anguillan people in every possible way to recover and rebuild after this natural disaster. Anguilla Stronger will also provide support until the resorts are repaired and able to reemploy their workforce so they can have a means of income. While any aid received to the island can make a difference, we believe by partnering together in our relief efforts, we can have a greater impact.

Because the items the residents of Anguilla need most critically are difficult to obtain on the island, simply distributing cash to those in need is not the most effective manner to provide immediate assistance. Furthermore, if given cash, relief recipients will then need to purchase these items at a retail price, which may be inflated given the level of devastation in the Caribbean. By leveraging our procurement expertise, we will deliver these items directly to those in need faster, and purchase them at lower costs, meaning every donated dollar can have an even greater impact!

Our areas of focus are:

  • Providing immediate emergency relief supplies such as food, water, medicine and temporary shelter or items to temporarily repair homes until building supplies can be obtained for permanent Anguillan residents.
  • Providing ongoing support through building supplies and volunteer efforts for permanent Anguillan residents who need assistance with rebuilding their homes.
  • Providing supplies and monetary funds to assist with the rebuilding of organizations and services which are essential to life in Anguilla such as the hospital, schools, and other charitable organizations committed to improving the lives of the residents.

All relief supplies will be distributed from two locations. The east end location will be located at the H.O.P.E. Centre, our local Anguillan partner. The west end location will be located at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla. The H.O.P.E. Centre is a community-based organization that seeks to develop and enrich the physical, emotional and spiritual being of the Anguillan community.

Through our collective global social media reach, we intend to increase global awareness of the need in Anguilla by:

  • Promoting Anguilla Stronger to hospitality and trade press through press release and targeted interviews to increase awareness of the need in Anguilla (which is currently being overshadowed by the need in Houston, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other Caribbean islands).
  • Promoting Anguilla Stronger through all Founders’ social media outlets on a regular basis to increase awareness of the need in Anguilla.

Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to or for the benefit of the Anguillan people who need our help to rebuild their homes, hospital, schools, places of worship and other community services so that life can return to normal. Please join us in demonstrating to the Anguillan residents that we are inspired by their spirit to help each other rebuild and that we will also work together, in a unified manner, to accomplish greater goals.

We believe the most challenging & worst experiences in life make us stronger. We believe working together, we can be stronger. And we believe Anguilla will be even STRONGER after Hurricane Irma than it was before.

April 1, 2018

We thank you and other investors in Anguilla’s Tourism Sector for responding to the needs of OUR (includes your) island at this very challenging time. The launching of Anguilla Stronger Emergency Relief Fund is a welcomed initiative complementing all the efforts by Anguillian residents and friends and families of Anguilla across the world to assist in the rebuilding process. Despite being ravaged by the most devastating hurricane in recorded history to hit our region --- Anguilla still remains a ravishing beauty in the Caribbean Sea. (“ravaged but still ravishing”) A great place to invest and visit.

The Government of Anguilla stands fully behind you in launching this appeal. We commend the Founders for their genuine concern and interest in the Anguillian people and expect that this initiative will work in harmony with other initiatives led by Government and other agencies to advance the cause of relief and recovery for the island.

Let us continue to be on the same TEAM as we move forward together to make Anguilla STRONGER!!


Victor F. Banks
Chief Minister, Anguilla

Press Release October 4, 2017
Anguilla’s Largest Private Employers & Real Estate Owners Partner to Form Hurricane Irma Emergency Relief Fund