The Positive Impact that Give and Grow Has For Online Stores

June 2, 2021

What if I told you we had a tool that could drastically improve your online shop's ROI? Well, Give and Grow has demonstrated that doing good is GREAT for business so much so that we coined the phrase, ROI of impact.

Through various studies, we have crunched the numbers and determined that the Give and Grow add-on helps generate a more positive experience for customers, thus making them more likely to become returning customers. The first step in creating a positive experience is the brand image, with the addition of Give and Grow we have found that 92% of online stores have a more positive brand image, as they become mission-driven companies. And the average email/text open rate on impact emails in comparison to marketing emails is 4x, with a share rate 3x that of sales-focused marketing.

In addition to that, Give and Grow gives your store an edge up over competitors. A whopping 87% of consumers say that they will switch to a competitor's brand if their image aligns more with their values. And furthermore, 30% of consumers would pay a 20% premium on products if that meant they were socially conscious. Truly, doing good is great for business in today’s world.

Lastly, companies with visible social impact aligned with their brand have an average increase of 33% in their lifetime value. Give and Grow not only has the ability to create a community for your store but can increase its value and put it on the path to greatness at a low cost for you.

If you’d like to learn more about Give and Grow, head to our website. And if you’d like to see how Pledge can help you with your business or nonprofit’s giving program, reach out to our Impact Partnerships team at today.