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The fundraising platform of choice for the biggest Clubhouse influencers:

“I am inspired by the intersection of technology like Pledge and Clubhouse that empowers communities looking to support those most in need. The ease of use of text-to-donate and the flexibility of ways to give on Pledge, added to the impact-first culture of their team, are a powerful combination unlocking philanthropic giving and real-time impact to organizations doing the work on the ground.”

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Mobilize your fundraising efforts with a free text-to-donate keyword. Talk to your room live through the process and explain exactly what their donations will support.

Fundraise during virtual events, perfect for: Any and all Clubhouse rooms - no matter the topic or size!



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Raise up to 10x in donations compared to other donation methods


Easy to Use

Two clicks to donate using Apple Pay



Get a free text-to-donate keyword or a customized URL in minutes



Only standard credit card fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) apply

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