LA Children's Garden Launch!

Together let's grow a public flower farm for all ages.

Let's grow a public flower farm in Los Angeles where children and adults can be in nature, have conversations with butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, goats, and chickens. Supported by science, art, culinary, and clean technology. LACG is committed to serving our community, and environment.

We envision this space playing a significant role in building a sustainable LA providing many social, environmental, and economic benefits; safe open green space, increase biodiversity and education, local green jobs, youth job training programs, intergenerational hands-on workshops, and community building. Through creative, innovative, and proven methodologies, we can build a positively impactful model that can be replicated around the world. 

Your one-time support and generosity would be invaluable to get this up and running as we are looking to obtain development funds to lift this project out into the world. Please give what you can as a little goes a long way.  


$1,000 - Your name on the LACG website, garden wall mention, patches, tote bag, Lifetime Family membership as Founding Member (up to 2 adults + 2 youth in the household)

$500 - Your name on the LACG website, garden wall mention, patches, tote bag, one-year Family membership as Supporting Member  (up to 2 adults +2 youth in the household) 

$250 - Your name on the LACG website, patch, tote bag, and one-year Individual membership  as a Flower Power Member (1 adult)

$100 - Mention on LACG site as an Herb Member and a patch!

$50 - Patch and Thank you note from Founders.  

$25 - or less is a good deed! Funds go towards plants, seeds, soil, tools, and love!