We’re here to support you and your fundraising efforts!

We provide free fundraising tools, donation receipts, and analytics to maximize and mobilize the impact you’re making in the world.

Online fundraising

Convert more donors through our free Fundraising Tools: simple donation forms, detailed donation pages, text-to-donate and more! Track donor data in real-time.

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Virtual events

Utilize Pledge for Virtual Events with our Virtual Donation Overlay and mobile-friendly donation products.

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E-commerce plugins

Ask your corporate donors to integrate our free Shopify app Give & Grow on their online stores & begin rounding up to donate on every transaction.

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Global Goals

Join a global community of impact

The United Nations SDGs (commonly referred to as the Global Goals) are a collective global framework created to address the world's most pressing causes. They were adopted in 2015 with a goal toward achievement in 2030. By aligning the impact of your organization to any of the 17 SDGs, you become part of a larger, global movement for good.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increase in visibility to corporate partners:
    Align with their business goals

  • Increase in global reach:
    Join organizations around the world

  • Increase in transparency:
    Attract more donors

Impact Metrics

Share how you use donations to your nonprofit

A few of the ways we use impact metrics:

  • Impact Maps
    Track & display impact by location

  • Impact Calculators:
    Display real-time impact on any website

  • Nonprofit Profile Pages:
    Increase transparency to potential donors & corporate partners