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Spread Love + Shine Light for Sheep Is Life at Diné Bé’Iiná

Diné Bé’Iiná (The Navajo Lifeway), is an organization promoting a sustainable livelihood through the Navajo way of life. Traditionally, this has been sheep, wool and weaving, and whatever comes from that.  Diné Bé’Iiná (DBI), established in 1991, is one of the longest running Non-Profit Organizations on the Navajo Nation. Diné Bé’Iiná operates on volunteers and donations to continue to provide free content and resources to Navajo artists/shepherds on the Navajo Nation.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person DBI events have been cancelled for the year, including their largest event Dibé Bé’Iiná or Sheep Is Life Celebration, leaving many educators and artists without an outlet to sell their goods. This event is a celebration of traditional Navajo shepherding and weaving culture, hosting educational workshops and vendor booths, and showcases Navajo-Churro sheep and wool shows. #sheepislife

With your generosity, we hope to provide the needed funds to support the constituents of Diné Bé’Iiná so that they may continue to focus their time and energy on promoting a sustainable livelihood.  Our core programs  include :
• Sheep to Loom, which focuses on Navajo Weaving and fiber education.
• Sheep to Table, a program featuring include workshops on food preparation and seasonal plant foraging walks to inspire the use of traditional herbs and plants in Navajo cuisine.
• Sheep Is Life Celebration, a flagship event that takes place to celebrate Navajo weavers, Shepherds, wool enthusiasts and provides  education and workshops to all who wish to learn about our traditional lifeways and Navajo Churro Sheep.
• Fiber arts education and community outreach through DBI's Textile and Weaving Consultation, Navajo-Churro Lamb Presidium, and Navajo-Churro Sheep Breed Advocacy.

Our thoughts are with the incredible artists and educators who are struggling and are unable to share their work and wisdom through Diné Bé’Iiná due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please consider making a donation today to Diné Bé’Iiná so we may continue to offer assistance and support to our constituents and to bring an awareness of this important organization to people
throughout and beyond Dinétah.

Ahéhee’ -With Gratitude/Thank you
Diné Bé’Iiná Board and staff

Get ready to 4x the impact of this campaign by sharing

Get ready to 4x the impact of this campaign by sharing