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Our Mission

SEED Madagascar is a UK registered charity working alongside a Malagasy NGO which aims to help people in communities in SE Madagascar tackle extreme poverty and preserve one of the planet's most unique and endangered environments, working towards health and well-being, sustainable livelihoods and effective management of natural resources. The charity relies on overseas volunteers to support its grassroots projects and it works through various media to raise awareness at an international level about Madagascar.

Our Impact

$9 can plant trees under our reforestation programme - 10 trees in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

$20 pays for materials for a school desk - 1 desk in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

$30 provides one session of materials & staffing - 1 maternal health education session in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

$30 can pay for a new hive - 1 beehive for rural a beekeeper in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

$60 pays for the doors - 1 classroom door, protecting students from sun and cyclones in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

$150 construction of firebreaks to protect forest corridors - 50 metres of firebreak in Sainte Luce, Madagascar

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: SEED has been working to improve the health and wellbeing of people throughout southern Madagascar for twenty years. Our Community Health programme includes the national sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) project, Safidy, a menstrual hygiene management (MHM) pilot project, our rural WASH & CLTS collaboration with UNICEF Madagascar, and our COVID-19 response. Previous SEED projects targeting health include Votsira (maternal and child health capacity building), Mitao, and our clean water access projects Fatsaka and Tatirano. Goal 5: Gender equality is central to SEED's work. In our Community Health programme, Project Safidy works to deliver rights-based sexual and reproductive health education to young people across Madagascar, as well as other projects in maternal, reproductive and child healthcare. Women's empowerment is also at the core of our Sustainable Livelihoods programme, with Project Oratsimba training Women Marine Ambassadors, Project Mahampy supporting female mahampy weavers, female beekeepers in Renitantely and our newly-independent Women's Embroidery Cooperative, Stitch Sainte Luce. Goal 6: Our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme is essential in the Anosy region, where 97% do not have access to proper sanitation. In partnership with UNICEF Madagascar, SEED is supporting more than 190,000 people to improve their WASH knowledge, practices, and services. Previous water and sanitation projects have included a three year urban sanitation initiative in Fort Dauphin, well- building and maintenance, and rainwater harvesting via Project Tatirano, now an independent organisation and one of our implementing partners. Goal 14: Project Oratsimba has been working for several years to encourage community-based, sustainable lobster fishery management in three villages on the southeastern coast of Madagascar where lobster fishing is a core livelihood yet impacted by overfishing by both communities and by large fishing companies. Goal 15: SEED's Conservation Programme has as it's mission to conserve the biodiversity, and sustainably manage natural resources, of the Sainte Luce ecosystem in a way that engages and benefits local communities. To this end, we are planting trees to provide reforestation wildlife corridors in Project Ala, monitoring and supporting sustainable management of wetlands in Project Mahampy. Our Environmental Conservation Programme also includes extensive biodiversity research within the SEED Conservation Research Programme, chameleon and palms research, and community conservation efforts with Project Rufus, targeting Madagascar's threatened flying fox population. Read more here:

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