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Graines de Paix

Rue Cornavin 11,
1201 Geneva,

| EIN: 30-0108263-2918

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Our Mission

Their mission is to design and implement transformative education solutions that foster learning fulfillment, violence and radicalization prevention, and societal peace.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Graines de Paix* Foundation works with UNICEF, the Swiss Development Agency and foundations to transform how teachers teach and aim for Full Quality Education. This fully impacts SDG 4, and further broadens SDG 4 to include SDG 3 (Child and adult wellbeing at school and in life), SDG 5 (Gender equality at school and outside) and SDG 16 (Preventing violence and radicalization through classroom teaching using UNESCO's culture of peace approach). We contribute to SDG 17 by ensuring that funding, including company funding, serves to pay local staff. *Graines de Paix means grains of peace

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