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Wildlife Society of Selangor

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Our Mission

WILD's vision is a society that values natural heritage that includes wildlife and forests. Towards this end, our goal is to improve the understanding and protection of wildlife, especially critically endangered apex predators. We facilitate partnership and collaboration, as well as promote environmental awareness, community engagement and sustainable natural resource management to achieve the goal.

Wildlife Society of Selangor (WILD) is a non-profit organization registered in Malaysia. WILD partners with four other prominent nature conservation organizations namely, the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia and WWF-Malaysia for the protection and conservation of the Malayan tiger.

The Malaysian Conservation Alliance of Tigers (MYCAT) is a joint program that is completely administered by WILD. This program is fully supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (DWNP). Administratively, WILD is appointed by the partner organizations to administer and manage all MYCAT programs in compliance with Malaysian laws.

MYCAT began in 2003 as a platform between the partner NGO's for communication and collaboration with an emphasis on sharing information and resources and cooperation towards the common goal of saving Malayan tigers.

Through this platform, the Malaysian government developed the country's first National Tiger Conservation Action Plan in 2008. Among the more notable advocacy campaigns, were the incorporation of better wildlife laws in Malaysia, including Malaysia's Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 and the International Trade in Endangered Species Act 2008. MYCAT also advocated for a change in the legal status of the sambar deer, a key prey species for tigers, to a totally protected species.

In the subsequent decade, the platform initially created to close the communication gap between the NGOs and the government, has gradually evolved to engage members of the public for a greater stride towards the recovery of wild Malayan tigers. With the motto of Saving Tigers Together, the Citizen Action for Tiger (CAT) program includes Wildlife Crime Hotline, antipoaching surveillance patrols (known as CAT Walk), community ranger, community outreach and reforestation.

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