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Fundacion para el Emprendimiento Entrepreneur

Badajoz 100, of 422, Las Condes,
Santiago 7560908,

| EIN: 30-0108263-3805

Our Mission

At Fundacion Entrepreneur, we work every day to "be the social actor that leads Learning by Playing in Latin America".

"We seek to develop the competencies in our children and young people, that will become the best version of themselves and develop in the 21st century"

Eight years ago there were three troublesome problems that were in our heads: What would happen if all people learned to undertake and be an entrepreneur?, What would happen if we were all financially literate, balancing our well-being and money?, What if we had fewer social myths and a mayor sense of citizenship and belonging? Common problems, which are in everyone's life, but which are not all carrying burden.

Thus, in 2012, the chilean company Momento Cero (Mo.0), who has spent 15 years making learning and innovating always entertaining, through the creation of various tools to carry out the Learning by Playing methodology, saw the need to generate social impact initiatives, thus giving rise to our Entrepreneur Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization.

We felt in love with the challenges linked to this specific problems, because we believe they are the individual mobilizing motors of freedom and necessary to create, finance and implement dreams and projects that are a contribution to the common good.

How do we put this into practice? We develop, implement and evaluate school programs that promote the use of educational board games in the classroom, focusing on students between 12 and 18 years old. We address relevant topics for current challenges: entrepreneurial talent, financial literacy, social sense and citizenship. Along with this, we co-developed the book "Playful mindset: to create, educate, undertake and innovate", where we share our know-how.

Why Learn by Playing? Because if there are emotions, there is learning. And if that learning has an educational intention to provide tools to our young people, even better! We know that the Learning by Playing methodology generates emotions, fosters self-confidence, develops divergent thinking and reduces stress, which increases learning, thus developing in children and young people the skills that will allow them to become the best version of themselves in this century.

We know that our challenge is not easy and we have a long way to go, but we are committed to enhancing the talent of each person, contributing to the formation of integral human beings, according to the challenges of the 21st century.

Our Impact

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