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Our Hope Heya Masr for Society Development

8 Abd Al Aziz Hamam St.,
11728 Hadayeq El-Maadi,

| EIN: 30-0108263-4031

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore a sense of dignity and pride in young Egyptian women by building their self-confidence and empowering them mentally and physically to develop themselves.

Heya Masr targets disadvantaged young girls and boys aged 6-18 to strengthen their character. We do this by providing a safe and nurturing environment for physical activities, nutritional and healthy lifestyle education, character development activities, sexual harassment, and bullying awareness and self-defense strategies. We believe that to make an impact, and we need to educate both young women and men equally.

Heya Masr is empowering a young generation of girls and boys now for a better Egypt tomorrow.

Heya Masr uniquely targets girls at an early age since we rely on UN studies (1) that indicate that behavioral changes occur at the early stages of development. This approach helps us equip women with mechanisms to rise above the negative impacts of extreme deprivation, abuse, and other adversities in their most formative years of development. We seek a proactive impact on women during adolescence to become stronger, more confident, and independent, thereby positively influencing future generations in Egypt. (1)UN Study: Changing perspectives on early childhood: theory, research, and policy by Martin Woodhead 2006

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