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Association for Multi-Ethnic Music Education Roma Rock School

Zlatko Shnajder 10-1/5,
Skopje 1000,
North Macedonia

Our Mission

The MISSION of Roma Rock School is to foster cultural and multiethnic understanding and cooperation between different ethnic groups in the Republic of North Macedonia through music, as well as building interethnic and intercultural understanding, respect and interaction among members of the association and beyond. The vision of the ASSOCIATION FOR MULTIETHNIC MUSIC EDUCATION ROMA ROCK SCHOOL Skopje aligns with the following goals:

1. To include Roma children and children from other ethnic communities through music education;

2. To provide opportunities for talented Roma children and children from other ethnic groups to receive music education, study solfege, and develop their practical and theoretical knowledge of music;

3. To support inclusion and multiethnic tolerance of different ethnic groups by playing and composing music with cultural and ethnic elements.

Our Impact

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