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Leukemia Foundation

121069 Moscow,
Novinskiy bulvar,
18 bld 1 room VIII
Russian Federation


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Our Mission

We help adults 18+ with blood cancer. We support people going through medical treatment and recovery from all types of blood cancer. There are only a few charities registered in Russia that support patients with blood cancer. There are even fewer charities that help adults with cancer. Unfortunately It's quite difficult to get charity help for a patient over 25 years old, and almost impossible for a patient over 50 years old. We believe that situation can be changed. Every year in Russia about 30,000 people get sick with leukemia. Leukemia can be treated at any age. 60-80% of adults with cancer can be cured for achieving permanent remission. Since 2014 the Leukemia Foundation has helped 350 patients and their families. We implement our work through 4 programs: Program 1. Bone marrow transplantation: search for an unrelated bone marrow donor in Russia and abroad, purchase of a transplant, delivery for bone marrow transplantation. Program 2. targeted care for patients with blood cancer: payment for treatment, rent of housing near the clinic where patients are treated, payment for supplies. Program 3. Support and promotion of free blood donation and its components. We work with the leading Hematology clinics in the country, attracting people to donate. Program #4. Fighting cancer, educating patients, caregivers, and relatives about how treatment is being done. We are working to ensure that everyone who has faced this diagnosis has full information about their diagnosis and the life with this diagnosis.

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