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Banana Link

Banana Link

42-58 St George's Street,
NR3 1AB,
United Kingdom

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Our Mission

Banana Link works for fair and equitable production and trade in bananas and pineapples based on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We aim to achieve tangible changes in the lives of people working in banana and pineapple chains that incorporate:

Fair and ethical trade practices which are based on a fair living wage, equitable distribution of value along the chain, and competitive market access for small producers

Dignity for workers and respect for labour and trade union rights

Sustainable production systems which reduce dependence on hazardous substances and minimise adverse health and environmental impacts on natural resources, workers and communities

Constructive dialogue between all economic and non-economic stakeholders that accelerates a transition to fair, equitable and sustainable banana and pineapple chains worldwide

Our Impact

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