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The Hub Collective Inc.

Front Street,
Port Elizabeth VC0400,
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Our Mission

Mission: The Hub Collective Inc. is a safe and inclusive arts non-profit organization with a passion to build creative confidence and intergenerational exchange across Bequia's communities. Our pillars address the need for holistic community engagement and inclusivity through Music, Arts, Culture and Heritage, Healing and the Environment.

We exist to provision the information and the vision to empower youth and all people of Bequia, reinvigorating the spirit of positive transformation and creativity across our communities. Vision: The Hub Collective envisions a Bequia in which all of its people will have the power, nourishment and support to lift themselves out of creative scarcity mindset and to birth vitality and healthy intergenerational communities rich with excellence, self-esteem and passion now and for the future.

Our Impact

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