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Aimac - Associazione italiana malati di cancro

11, Via Barberini,
00187 Roma Lazio,

Our Mission

AIMaC is a non profit-making association founded by patients in 1997. Information is the first medicine for cancer patients and AIMaC, through a National Cancer Information Service - SION, officially recognized by the National Cancer Plan and realized with the support of ACC, ensures them a personalized "information therapy", through the following tools

- A national helpline (phone, fax, e-mail): A clinical oncologist, a psychologist and a lawyer, assisted by psychologists and civil service volunteers, respond to questions concerning diseases, treatments and their side effects, access to the benefits provided by law in employment, welfare and social issues. - 45 cancer information desks, in 25 cities, with civil service's volunteers - trained and provided by AIMaC - have been set up in the oncology departments at major teaching and general hospitals ( - a collection of 34 booklets on the major types of cancer, how they can be treated and what effects the different therapies can have -, provides information on various types of cancer, the treatments and their complications, support services and has obtained the seal of Health On the Net Foundation. -, realized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health and ISS for discovering where to go for diagnosis, treatments, psychological support, rehabilitation, care, pain, etc. Oncoguida also shows the number of surgeries performed in each center by type of cancer. Higher the number, the greater the reliability of the Centre. - Forum (, a virtual place where those who faced or are facing cancer can meet, share their experiences and discuss. - Portal on immuno-oncology - Psycho-oncology Center which provides psychological support to cancer patients and their families and friends. - Filos, a 24H chatbot, realized in collaboration with IBM Italy, which answers in real time- thanks to cognitive computing - to questions regarding the rights of cancer patients

AIMaC also defends the dignity of cancer patients and their families and its successful lobbying has primed the Italian Government to respond to their emerging needs AIMaC is registered in the Register of Voluntary Associations of Lazio Region (No. 30 of 25 February 2000), and in the Register of Legal Persons since 2007 (n.471/2007). Since 2014 it is recorded to the Registry of associations and entities carrying out activities in the field of anti-discrimination. The role of SION is recognized in many important publications (AA.VV., National Cancer Information Service in Italy: an information points network as a new model for providing information for cancer patients, Tumori. 2011; AA.VV. "Improving Information to Italian Cancer Patients: The Results of a Randomized Study", Annals of Oncology, 2004)

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