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Varuh otroskih src - Zavod za pomoc otrokom, mladostnikom in druzinam Maribor

Majcigerjeva ulica 1,
2000 Maribor,

| EIN: 30-0108263-8092

Our Mission

Guardian of Children's Hearts is a private non-profit institution that provides psychotherapeutic help and support to children, adolescents and families in need. In the institution, we carry out individual and group therapy for risk population.

, , . For this reason, we have prepared a program VARUH - free psychotherapeutic treatment for victims of violence and abuse. The social welfare program VARUH (GUARDIAN) provides comprehensive treatment of victims of violence and abuse.

Psychosocial assistance is intended for children, adolescents and womens who experience or have experienced emotional, physical or sexual violence in the past. The program is carried out in the form of individual and group therapeutic treatment and informative conversations. The goal of the program is to provide adequate therapeutic assistance to people in coping with and processing traumatic experiences.

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