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Dynamique actions pour la solidarite et le developpement, DASOD.

18-20 Batetela, Pierre mulele, Gombe/Kinshasa,
Kinshasa 121,
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

| EIN: 30-0108263-8440

Our Mission

Our mission The mission of the NGO Dynamique Actions pour la Solidarite et le Developpement is to combat poverty and all forms of socio-economic vulnerability through : Protecting the environment and combating global warming, Promoting education for all children, regardless of gender, Relief and food security for all, Promoting grassroots community health initiatives Combating epidemics (HIV/AIDS, cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, measles, Ebola), Assisting and empowering women and children in situations of vulnerability and psycho-socio-economic discrimination, Promoting water, hygiene and sanitation for all, The prevention of violence and the promotion of peace and justice to meet local needs with local solutions. The humanitarian aid that DASOD provides to people in need is made possible by financing from its own funds and from various donors.

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