Fundacja Anny Dymnej Mimo Wszystko

Ul. Profesora Stefana Myczkowskiego 4,
30-198 Cracow,

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The "Against the Odds" Foundation was established in 2003 by a Polish actress - Anna Dymna, who is its current president. It is an officially recognized public benefit organization. We have built, and currently operate, two therapy and rehabilitation centers - "Valley of the Sun" located on the outskirts of Cracow in Radwanowice, and "Let's get together" in Lubiatowo at the Baltic Sea. Our mission is to help disabled people from around Poland, with the key commitment to intellectually disabled adults. The idea of our activities is to rebalance the chances between abled and disabled people. We would like to remove the mental barriers which separate these to seemingly different worlds. We have already helped 27000 sick and disabled people throughout Poland.\nThe Foundation supports treatment, rehabilitation and education of people with disabilities. We try to do it through various projects, such as: "Prevailing Against the Odds" Social Integration Days, the Enchanted Song Festival, the Academy of Rediscovered Hope, the Dream Gradebook, Albertiana Festival of Theatrical and Musical Works by Intellectually Disabled People, and many others.