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25th March Street,
18020 Galatas,

Our Mission

To act as an incubator for the promotion of alternative ways of thinking, living and working on a local, national and international level.\nTo serve and support the local community through the access to our seminars and services as well as fostering an artistic and educational community on the island.\n\nTo contribute to a solution to helping Greece and more specifically the local area to return to a place of growth and opportunity by bringing best practices from around the world to the area and serving as a model for similar communities in Greece. We plan to do this both by bringing practical skills workshops as well as presenting models of new philosophy to inspire others for how to run their current businesses or new businesses more effectively which includes helping build the businesses local artists, artisans, and creative workers. We want our location to be a creative space where people come to meet, learn, share ideas, improve\nthemselves, and be inspired.

Our Impact

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