Beyond Blue

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Melbourne 3000,

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Beyond Blue’s vision is for everyone in Australia to achieve their best possible mental health. Through our support services, programs, research, advocacy and community engagement, we work to challenge and break‑down the stigma, prejudice and discrimination that act as barriers for people reaching out for support.With our mission to promote good mental health, we lead with a community heart and business head. As an organisation, we work to create change across all levels of society, to protect everyone mental health and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.Our four main objectives are to:1.\n\nReduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide by supporting people to protect their \n\nmental health and to recover when they are unwell.2.\n\nReduce people’s experiences of stigma and discrimination.\n\n3.\n\nImprove people’s opportunities to get effective support and services at the right time.\n\n4.\n\nUse best business practices to deliver integrated, evidence‑based and cost-effective \n\ninitiatives. Through strong partnerships with academia, government, non‑government, corporate, service providers and the community, Beyond Blue promotes good mental health across a range of population groups and places in which people live, learn, work and play, with the purpose to:\n\n\n\nBuild the population’s mental health literacy, reduce stigma and discrimination, and encourage help seeking.Innovatively and collaboratively fill gaps in mental health support and influence system \n\nchange.\n\nWork nationally to extend the availability of low‑intensity mental health services.\n\n\n\nProvide support services for suicide prevention.\n\n\n\nUnderpin and support all objectives through research, policy and advocacy.