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Korseai Institute of Historical and Archaelogical Research

83400 Fourni,

Our Mission

The KORSEAI - Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research was created in winter 2016/2017 by the leading team that conducted the underwater archaeological research in Fourni (seasons 2015-2016), in partnership with representatives of the Fourni Municipality. The main incentive for the creation of the Institute was the past two years of experience in the archipelagos of Fourni, an experience deeply touching for those involved. The unprecedented richness of underwater archaeological findings, in such a small and isolated island, which rarely appears on any historical documents, changed the way we considered the Aegean sea historically, and demonstrated that the importance of some sites may be much larger from what historical evidence and terrestrial sites indicate. The historical significance of the closed island communities as microcosms, as geographically isolated units, but also as parts of broader networks of naval exchange, and finally as stepping stones for maritime enterprises, has been analyzed in monographs, and collective works in the past. The full extent of understanding of the historical significance of a place, is however not always necessarily in direct order to suggested historical patterns. Whether Fourni is an exception to the rules, or corresponds to the historical models expressed before, is something that only the continuation of the archaeological research can prove.) The purposes of the Company are non-profit and consist of the following\n1. The field scientific research, the study of ancient, medieval and modern findings, sites and in general manifestations of the material and intangible culture that are included in the provisions of Law 3028/2002 "For the protection of Antiquities and in general of the Cultural Heritage" on land , sea or underwater space.\n2. The promotion in every way of the historical and archeological research and in the assistance of the field researches of the Archaeological Service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.\n3. The study of the rate of decomposition of man-made structures, its effects on the natural environment and the relevant methods of protection of these structures and the environment.\n4. The organization of conferences, events and exhibitions.\n5. Enhancing access to knowledge, education, the creation and development of educational programs, lifelong learning and training, open and distance education.\n6. In any appropriate way presentation and publication of research results related to the above programs in the Greek and international space, as well as in their application including the production and distribution of audiovisual material and multimedia applications, the writing and publishing of books or magazines, the creation websites etc.\n7. The creation of theme parks related to the purposes of the Company.\n8. In the consulting intervention during the elaboration of projects related to the purposes of the Company as well as in the submission of proposals to the competent authorities.\n9. In monitoring the developments in Issues related to the purposes of the Company.\n10. In the implementation of development interventions as well as in the utilization and participation in programs and collaborations with State or Private bodies of the European Union or third countries and their management.\n11. In the development of ties, the spread of the spirit of solidarity and the cultivation of relations between its members, friends and supporters.\n12. To contribute to the moral, cultural, social and spiritual development of its members, friends and supporters.\n13. In creating incentives for organization and development of the above activities.

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