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The Hendren Project was launched as a unique professional online medical community where pediatric surgeons and urologists can bring problematic patient cases for discussion with peers and experts and guidance on how to develop effective surgical strategies for treating complex surgical problems in children.

Similar forums of discussions with peers are not otherwise readily available to an international surgical community.

The Hendren Project focuses on rare anatomic conditions, complex anomalies, and effective medical solutions that are often hard to find in medical research journals and not part of major professional conferences. 

Our content is unique in that it is "living content" captured from live presentations and preserved as videos. These videos will soon be collected under specific topic areas that will enable a surgeon to find and manage a wealth of information efficiently.

The Hendren Project has become a "go-to"resource for pediatric surgeons and urologists worldwide.

Core to our mission is providing these services without charge to an international community of pediatric surgeons and urologists. We need additional funding to continue this part of our mission and to keep our educational services aligned with the needs of the community.

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Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!