Support ULA's Evacuation of Women and Children from Shelled Cities

Together, we will overcome.

Today, Ukraine is under siege since Russia’s invasion of this sovereign nation on February 24, 2022. Many of you have reached out to me asking how you can best help.  Please support the work of 1,180 Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) students and alumni who remain on-the-ground in Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid and assist with evacuating women and children from Ukraine’s shelled cities, many of whom have no means of evacuating and sit fearful in bomb shelters throughout the country. The attached video shows the joyous opening of ULA’s flagship academy in Mariupol, Ukraine by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy in October 2019, supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development, contrasted with the horrific images of Mariupol today as Russia continues to shell Ukrainian cities “into submission”.

ULA was launched in 2015 to develop and mentor the next generation of young leaders ready to take responsibility for their country. These ULA students and alumni are applying the leaderships skills they learned at ULA against this unprovoked Russian aggression. They need our support.  They remain in Ukraine, committed to helping Ukrainian women and children to safety. International organizations are positioned on Ukraine’s borders but have not moved into the country to provide relief  because of on-going hostilities; thus the work of these ULA students and alumni is even more important.

Funds raised will go towards evacuation transportation of women and children, food essentials, and medical supplies. 

This is a 501c3 so it is also tax-deductible. Let’s support the youth of Ukraine who are taking responsibility for their country and risking their lives to ease the suffering of their fellow citizens, as Ukraine fights for its sovereignty, territorial-integrity and a free and democratic future!

Who is behind this fundraiser: 

  • Ukrainian Leadership Academy -
  • Roman Tychkivskyy - Head & Co-Founder, Ukrainian Leadership Academy
  • Jaroslawa Johnson - CEO and President of Western NIS Enterprise Fund co-founder of ULA 
  • Lenna Koszarny - Executive Vice-President of Western NIS Enterprise Fund

Thumbnail is of the Mariupol Theater - Before and After. 

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!