Supporting Arawaka

Arawaka is a nonprofit organization that works with Indigenous wisdom to increase awareness and awaken our hearts and minds to the level at which we become capable of recognizing the Earth as our Mother and all living beings on Earth as our relatives and our partners in life. 

Here are some examples of Arawaka’s valuable work in the world and what your contribution helps to support:

    • Indigenous knowledge shared through ceremonies supports the building of deep and authentic relationships between Indigenous people and community leaders worldwide.  This type of learning and long-term relationship is invaluable in developing a relationship between humans and nature, where people become more ecologically responsible and active in helping restore life on the planet.

    • Indigenous Summits where leaders from different nations come together to share their traditions and find ways to bring their deep knowledge of life’s sacredness to the world.

    • Arawaka's Indigenous Fund, supports Indigenous peoples to be present and participate in Arawaka's ceremonies. Their participation in ceremonies and community life is essential to our purpose and mission.

    • Arawaka is actively working with water and land restoration programs in New Mexico and Peru. This is a physical manifestation of our prayers and ceremonies. In both places, we are working with the natural elements and ancient understanding of the moving waters and the rains to nourish and restore the plants and aquifers. In this way, life can thrive, and wildlife has vital habitat. 

    Thank you so much for your partnership and support!  

    Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

    Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!