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Apples and Oranges Arts commits to "Taking the Starving out of Artist" by guiding the industry into the virtual age through our programming, events, our educational platform, BroadVersity, and our ongoing educational course, THEatre ACCELERATOR.  We seek to help artists by providing a platform for storytellers to learn to become creative entrepreneurs and self advocates.

Through BroadVersity, we propel Broadway into new realities and inspire, educate, and engage with the theatrical community on new frontier technologies such as the Meteverse and Web 3. Artists and creatives alike discover tools and techniques to create virtual theater without the restrictions or limitations of in-person theater while remaining interactive and hands-on via engaging XR technologies. The Apples and Oranges team not only give insight for how shows are created in the present, but also offer a glimpse into the new reality storytelling for the future and beyond.  

Through our THEatre ACCELERATOR program, we teach writers how to properly accelerate and develop their work using audience analysis, branding strategies and lean development methods. By applying Silicon Valley models to the musical development process, we help artists identify their audiences early on to find their product market fit and build out their Minimum Viable Musical. In 2021, we launched the New Reality Edition of  THEatre ACCELERATOR, where storytellers explore how AR and VR can be used to help create and/or distribute their musicals. Our programming teaches new skills and offers innovative tools for artists to thrive beyond the pandemic into the future. 

We believe in pushing the boundaries of theater as an art form. Every day we innovate new and exciting ways for theatergoers to enjoy content ranging from streamed, digital content to interactive and immersive mixed reality experiences. We are committed advocates of diverse, unique stories from varying worldwide perspectives.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!