Clubhouse Loves Texas


About This Fundraiser

After an overwhelming response to the needs in Texas as a result of the recent winter storm, the Clubhouse community has organized a massive fundraising and support initiative to get funds and resources to vetted, local Texas nonprofit organizations that are making a real impact across the state. 

Texans have been without power, food, clean water, and other critical resources. Help will be needed for some time to come, and this is an answer to the natural question, “what can we do”? Organizations with boots on the ground are in the best position to serve, so this effort is about enabling them to make the best decisions for their community. While power may be coming back on, and the worst of the freeze is over, with pipes burst, homes destroyed, hospitals and families will continue to struggle to get back to normal for a long time.  

We need everyone's help to support those in need.

Love, the Clubhouse Community



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