NOW VERY URGENT: YOU can save PHINEAS BEANS from His Congenital Deformity Crushing His Heart & Lungs

YOU can save PHINEAS BEANS and Give Him the Gift of Life!


Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary posted an update
4 days ago


PHINEAS BEANS is back and resting today. When I say resting, what I mean is he is bright eyed and raring to go BUT he must stay in a smaller cage and be limited on jumping and roughhousing - Needless to say, he going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

His original date of surgery was the 8th .... there was some conflict for the surgeon, so they moved us to the Sunday the 18th.

He will go back in two weeks to get new dressing and chest plate. This is a micro surgery as they need to put him under for a short period of time. We are waiting to get the estimate. 

The surgery is a rare chest surgery but is very effective on giving back the kitten a new lease on life. Pectus excavatum is an unusual deformity of the breast bone, which results in compression of the heart and lungs. The exact cause of pectus excavatum in kittens is still unknown.