South Carolina Autism Society

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The South Carolina Autism Society’s mission is to equip those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders with knowledge and support to maximize their quality of life.  In order to accomplish our mission, donations and fundraising are essential to help improve the lives of persons on the autism spectrum. Every dollar you raise and donation you give, helps our organization enhance lives for financially-disadvantaged families impacted by an autism spectrum disorder.

The South Carolina Autism Society is a historical statewide 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization located in West Columbia, South Carolina. Our federal tax ID number is 23-7350663. SCAS’ incredible and rich legacy can be traced back to the early 1970’s when a group of concerned and dedicated parents with a humble grass roots beginning, who were steadfast, turned their dreams into a reality by continuously networking and working in partnership with others to fulfill their vision of securing much needed services for persons and families facing the challenges of autism in South Carolina. Through the efforts of the South Carolina Autism Society, there is now a statewide network of direct services for persons impacted by an autism spectrum disorder.

Across the state of South Carolina, there are families who face heavy economic burdens during seen and unforeseen situations, extremely high medical expenditures that exceed those without an autism spectrum disorder. This disorder also causes continuous health and marriage problems, burnout, stress, and lost parental productivity. Some parents are unable to obtain and/or maintain a job due to the continuous and unusual needs of their child(ren). Added pressure is placed on families who need respite-relief or a break; but there are limited funding resources and service providers available for them. This is the reason why socio-economic support from outside resources is essential in helping persons and families affected by an autism spectrum disorder in having a better quality of life and a better tomorrow. Finally, to help address some of our non-funded initiatives, financial contributions are highly welcomed to keep individuals out of institutions, alleviate stress for families, prevent abuse and neglect, strengthen family stability, and help persons who are in need.

Please give today, so that the South Carolina Autism Society has funds available to support families that it serves who face ongoing economic challenges.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!