Afghan & Haitian Women Need Your Support

Donate to Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund

The crises in Haiti and Afghanistan are devastating women and girls. In Afghanistan, the hard-fought gains for women’s rights are vanishing under the Taliban as they take back control over every aspect of women’s lives and force women human rights defenders into hiding.

In Haiti, the deadly earthquake has claimed over 2,000 lives. Over 135,000 people have lost their homes and 800,000 are in desperate need of food, clothing, shelter and medical care. During crises, women and girls are less likely to receive aid and more likely to be trafficked and experience sexual violence. 

In Haiti, Afghanistan and countries in crises, women’s nonprofit are on the frontlines providing aid and ensuring the most marginalized people aren’t left behind. But less than .2% of funding goes to women’s nonprofits in countries in crises.

Now more than ever, we must come together to stand behind women. Your support will provide safety, protection, economic opportunity and essential needs for women in Afghanistan, Haiti and around the world. 

They need your help. Support the 1000 Women Leaders Campaign of the United Nations - Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund.

When we invest in women leaders - countries are more likely to reach and sustain peace, economies grow faster, humanitarian aid reaches farther and everyone has greater opportunities. WPHF is investing in women at scale to create a global, groundswell of women-led change. Join us.