A program by Goodie Nation to grow the Black tech community in Metro Atlanta

In the vibrant tapestry of innovation and progress, the Black Tech community in Atlanta stands as a shining beacon of brilliance and resilience. With roots deeply embedded in a rich cultural legacy, the dynamic collective of trailblazers is rewriting the narrative of possibility. Atlanta's Black Tech community is a testament to the extraordinary fusion of creativity, determination, and technical prowess. These visionaries are not just shaping the future of technology; they are architects of change, breaking barriers and inspiring a generation. In the face of challenges, they wield their brilliance as a tool for empowerment, demonstrating that diversity and inclusion are not only ethical imperatives but also the driving force behind unparalleled innovation. Atlanta's Black Tech community is not merely building code; they are scripting a narrative of equity, opportunity, and triumph, ensuring that every line of code is a step toward a brighter, more inclusive future. Atlanta influences everything.


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