Acquaint Cultural Networking

“Why hasn’t this existed before?!?!” is a sentiment we hear often.

We have entered an era where collaboration between people of different backgrounds is increasingly essential. Yet, polarization and hate threaten our ability to solve the world’s most critical problems. For a long time, we’ve needed a safe way for people from all walks of life to communicate effectively and learn from each other to prevent these toxic divisions. Furthermore, we’ve needed a way to inspire and motivate people to connect in such a way on a massive global scale.

Rather than promote positive interactions between people, many for-profit social media platforms have increased the spread of misinformation and hate. In-person cultural exchanges can be a wonderful way to experience different people and cultures, but they are not available to everyone due to the cost and time constraints. 

Acquaint is changing the narrative about what new human connections can look like online. As a grassroots cultural exchange, people from anywhere can join. All members of the Acquaint community are considered volunteers because joining requires effort and ongoing training. An emphasis on respect and active listening encourages meaningful conversations. “Trolls,” which are known to frequent the large social media platforms, have remained mythical creatures to Acquaint. The rules, guidelines, and overall energy of the community makes it an unappealing platform for people looking to cause trouble.

Scalability is inherent to Acquaint. Hundreds of volunteers have joined Acquaint from over 70 countries, but we aim to grow this number into the millions and include people in every country. Your donation will help Acquaint do the following:

  • Help fund our recruitment efforts to bring in new volunteers from different parts of the world

  • Help us create new features for Acquaint that will improve the experience for volunteers and reduce operating costs. For example, we are working to improve the scheduling process to accommodate volunteers in remote areas with weaker internet.

And of course, we are always looking for new volunteers to join our community as well! If you are interested in becoming an Acquaint Cultural Networking Volunteer, please visit

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!