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Help Evacuate and Support Afghan Families

Thanks to your support, from August into October AFGHAN AIRLIFT & BEYOND managed to help around 2000 Afghan partners evacuate to safety. We are still working to get one or two more flights out of Afghanistan.

As the Taliban Regime cracks down on women activists, the LGBTQIA community, ethnic and religious minorities, and other high profile members of civil society, we have partnered with Human Rights First, a trusted non-profit supporting Human Rights Defenders in life-threatening situations. We are continuing to facilitate these extreme-risk evacuations for those at immediate risk of detention, abuse, and death. To support these ongoing operations, Select Human Rights First in the donation form below!

Here at home, many of these families are now resettling across the United States. We are learning firsthand the enormous challenges they face. Support from the U.S. government and resettlement agencies only goes so far.

Please help us provide one-time cash grants to some of the families you helped evacuate. The team at Pledge will identify fiscal sponsors to provide direct cash assistance. Donations are tax-deductible, and the funds will go directly to families from our manifests to help with things like next month's rent, food, and clothing. Our goal is to grant up to $5000 to 100 families evacuated by the Afghan Airlift & Beyond campaign. This kind of cash infusion can be life-changing in a critical time of transition.

There are other ways to help: you can host a family via AirBnB or apply with others in your community to form a Sponsor Circle. Your business can register to meet real-time needs posted by charities at Welcome Exchange. More information is available at

But if you want to focus directly on the families this community helped get to America, please pitch in here: Select Airlift Family Resettlement Fund in the donation form below! 

You can also text NEWLIFE to 707070 or donate by wire/ACH.

Thank you!

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This fundraiser supports

Airlift Family Resettlement Fund

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