Behind the scenes: Meeting the needs of the silent families.

Adoption Authority

Each individual considering adoption placement requires individualized support in their journey. The pregnant women, mothers, and fathers that reach out to Adoption Authority are often in crisis and overwhelmed. We recognize the vulnerability inherit in the circumstances of those contemplating placing their child with Adoptive Parents.  

Our team provides hands-on social services that often result in biological parents choosing to parent their child, prior to involving a prospective adoptive family in this process. This approach allows us to adhere to our commitment to reducing the financial and emotional risk to adoptive parents, while also eliminating coercive practices that have become standard in domestic infant adoptions.

To maintain this ethical approach to working with women, children and families, we need funding to continue providing the following services:

  1. Free and Confidential pregnancy options counseling.

  2. Emotional support and connection for biological parents as they make a parenting plan or adoption plan.

  3. Assistance accessing affordable medical care.

  4. Resources and assistance navigating financial barriers that hinder self-sufficiency and financial independence.

  5. Access to counseling services and support groups.

Your reoccurring monthly contribution or one-time donation will allow us to continue to help parents move from uncertainty to hope, with a plan for tomorrow.