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2020 has been a year of change and disruption. It gave us sight to a world of challenges, heart-wrenching social injustice on a global level, and a pandemic that pushed the pause button on the world we once knew to be true. For many, this pause pushed us to ask what is the purpose of life, what is my purpose in this life, who and what are truly important, and how should we spend the precious resource of time given to each of us. If we have ever wanted stabilization to regain some sense of normalcy, whatever that new normal may be, 2020 has been that year. That is why we, at Bruce Francois Inc., created the BF Cares program to champion and lead our social consciousness efforts to help change the world. This year we've prioritized and directed our charitable giving to organizations that support stabilization...the kind that removes barriers to becoming the best version of ourselves and maximizing our potential. If there were ever a time to look at disruption in the face and say I will overcome, it is now. If there were ever a season to let adversity know you may have knocked me down, but whoa unto you when I get up...and I will, it is now. If there were ever a time to learn how to tap into your struggles to better understand the insights and opportunities for becoming the best version of yourself, your time is now. Join BF Cares in supporting charitable organizations that advance our cause, or remove barriers to helping humanity maximize the fullness of its potential by making a donation to these amazing charities below. Remember—when you change a life, you save a life; and when you save a life, you create opportunities to change and save many more lives.

To donate by Text, just text the word "BFCARES" to the number 707070.