April 6th: Carbonara becomes CAREbonara

Share a CAREbonara on #Carbonara Day

Barilla together with Food For Soul, invites everyone to CAREbonara on  April 6th #CarbonaraDay - preparing their favorite Carbonara recipe for someone they care about!

Stories are powerful, particularly when they can stay meaningful throughout time.

Legend has it that Carbonara was born unifying different cultures, when in the 1940s a young American soldier and an Italian cook met in Rome and came up with the idea of mixing the American bacon, the Italian pasta and the eggs in order to feed the troops, so creating the most loved and disputed pasta dish ever. In difficult times like these, when people are longing for normality after over a year of pandemic, which many have felt it was like living a “war”, simple gestures can make a difference.  To celebrate this iconic recipe, Barilla has created a short movie, shot by internationally awarded Belgian director Xavier Mairesse, to reveal one of the most charming stories about the origins of the number one pasta recipe in the world.  Inspired by this story of caring, Barilla, who has always believed in the power of pasta to unite people, decided to put it at the heart of this year’s celebration, turning Carbonara into CAREbonarathe ideal recipe to take care of people around us.   

Learn more at #CookingIsAnActOfLove

You to can GIVE a gift of CARE to Food for Soul and Refettorios

To make a real gesture of care, Barilla will give to Food For Soul - the nonprofit founded by chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore - supporting their mission and sustainability initiatives around the world, with a donation of 1 million pasta dishes during 2021, nourishing socially vulnerable individuals through the organization’s operational partners in Refettorio projects and by giving to the Refettorio Community Fund.  

Your support will help us ensure more food is saved from waste, hospitality, beauty and nourishing meal is provided to those who need us most.  Preparing over 1 mil food provisions and +500 tonnes of food saved - let's grow our impact.

"This year's Carbonara Day theme is layered with meaning: it is a call to unite, rejoice and remember that a recipe can bring us together as a global family, shining light on the important value that food plays in our lives. For us it is particularly true as Carbonara has a special place in our heart symbolizing the value of hospitality, power of beauty and quality of ideas to champion a better future for all." Food for Soul

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!