Care About Climate

Empowered youth, empower change for a just climate future

Around the world, thousands of young people are striking for a climate-safe future and demanding climate justice from world leaders. At Care About Climate, we know that young people already have the localized knowledge on the best solutions for their communities, despite the empty commitments of world leaders. All these young people need to be empowered to bridge their knowledge with action. With these skills, we can bring our own chair to the decision making table and in the process ensure the just climate future that we deserve.

Join Care About Climate in building an accessible and transformative space for global climate activists to engage in impactful, local climate action. Our goal is to empower global youth to equitably address the climate crisis by bridging knowledge with action and creating the space to bring their solutions to the international stage. 

Through our 4 key programs – ClimAcademy, Climate Ambassadors, NDC Equity Project – Care About Climate seeks to:

  • Build an international climate justice movement, growing grassroots power to win more effective climate policy

  • Provide tools, training, and resources to global youth for climate change education and justice-centered solution-oriented advocacy campaigns

  • Amplify marginalized voices and build intergenerational and gender justice in international climate negotiations

  • Provide opportunities and resources to global youth to implement local climate solutions

  • Create platforms where global youth can connect, share their experiences, and learn from one another to combat the climate crisis

  • Connect global youth to international decision-makers by leveraging the Care About Climate network of affiliated organizations and program alumni

  • Build out our NDC Equity Tracker, which supports young leaders in analyzing their government's Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) from a youth-equity and intersectional lens and empowering them to advocate for changes to NDCs in their community

In addition to our programs, we send a delegation of global youth to the UN climate talks each year, focused on bringing their local experience to the international level to influence global conversations. Our team is composed of 70+ active volunteers in over a dozen countries, who are all integral to implementing our programs and advocating for a just climate future. 

At Care About Climate, we believe in the power of people and communities. By donating to this fundraiser, you are helping us bridge the gap between young people's local climate knowledge and access to global climate policy making spaces.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!