Abundance of Hope Counseling "Virtual Therapy - COVID-19 Remove the Barriers to Mental Health"

This fundraiser is in an effort to remove the stigma while making therapy possible.

My name is Chikeitha Owens LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). I am the owner of Abundance of Hope Counseling and have been in private practice for over ten years. I have worked with many different populations and getting care for mental health has been given a bad name. Access to therapy can be difficult for some to receive. This fundraiser is to help raise awareness and create funding for The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

This organization is working to service as many individuals as possible through their Virtual COVID-19 therapy campaign giving away 5 free sessions to individuals in the African American community that are in need of mental health care. They are continuing to raise funds for round 2 as round 1 funds were successful in reaching a great number of participants. This organization is servicing individuals all of the United States with the help and collaboration of Licensed Therapist.

Once the second round is active individuals can choose a therapist that is on the resource list in their state. This just lets us know that there is a great need and people are hurting all over the country. Don't be ashamed to get the help you need and don't neglect the opportunity to help others in need.

One in five Americans suffer from mental illness. African-Americans are the least likely population to seek treatment. You can learn more about the mission of the "The Boris L. Henson Foundation" at https://borislhensonfoundation.org/

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"Virtual Therapy Now Available"

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!