#PledgeCrypto to Empower Kids Impacted by Chronic Illness


Invest in extracurricular programs that will help these children thrive!

People usually imagine “sick kids” being in hospitals, but there are likely many more children living with illnesses in your community who are stuck at home, isolated, and much harder to provide services to. 

At CoachArt, we believe that every kid with a serious illness deserves the chance to discover activities that will help them thrive. 

Through our CoachArt Connect app, we utilize same technology that is used to match individual riders & drivers or individual travelers & homeowners, to match kids impacted by chronic illness who want to learn a skill & volunteers who are willing to teach it to them.

Your generous donation will fund extracurricular lessons that enable these students to shed the label of “sick kid”, replace it with a new label as an artist or an athlete, and gain the confidence to take on the world!

#PledgeCrypto today to ensure sure these children are connected with a community of support and opportunity.



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