Unheard: The Ears of Meniere's

Documentary Production Meniere's Awareness

A W A R E N E S S . D O C U M E N T A R Y . C O M M U N I T Y

Join Us and support the development of a Documentary Production, Meniere's Awareness, for all the warriors battling this disease.

Our Mission - Aware of the power that film has to enlighten and inform, we will use the platform to help eradicate Meniere’s Disease by creating worldwide awareness that drives research funding to develop treatments that improve quality of life and eventually cures this chronic, debilitating illness once and for all.  We are not just making a film. We are making a film with a purpose.

Our Vision - The documentary film will go beyond just informing the public of this incapacitating disease; it will use distinctive audio and visual effects to simulate its devastating symptoms, including; violent episodes of vertigo, excruciating ringing of tinnitus, and the dramatic hearing loss and distortion.


The room spins violently. The earth disappears from under your feet. A horrific buzzing fills your ears as painful pressure builds in your head. It comes out of nowhere, like a thief in the night. Life changes forever. But how, why? A startling secret, hiding in plain sight, Meniere’s Disease silently robs millions of their health. You can’t see it, and they can’t explain it.

Unheard: The Ears of Meniere’s seeks to bring Meniere’s into the public consciousness, piecing together the complicated puzzle of what is keeping people in the dark regarding their health. With creative and precise camera work, it pulls the audience inside a Meniere's sufferer's head, recreating its symptoms, so they directly experience how it physically debilitates its victims. Follow the personal journeys of those diagnosed as they go on a complex investigation for answers that shine a light on a disabling disease that has remained unheard of for far too long.

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Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!