Enough to Live

Tackling Student Hunger and Homelessness

# Who Our Students Are

It's called 'homework' for a reason: students need a home in the first place to complete their assignments and thrive academically. Coming from the foster care system, family conflict or tragedy, undocumented legal status, or being disowned because of your gender are often reasons why students end up without a place to call home or enough food to eat. 

# The Risks They Face

Students were challenged in new ways to make ends meet. Hunger and homelessness are fundamental issues that impact all aspects of a student’s experience in school — including their ability to learn. Pursuing a college diploma is often high stakes: dropping out means none of the benefits of a diploma, yet being burdened with all of the debt.

# Our Impact

$500 can mean the difference for a student to finish their degree, or ending up with no diploma, all of the debt. That’s the sharp cliff that students can tumble down. Talent is universal, opportunity is not (yet). Student MOJO is a grass-roots movement driven by students and people who support them, with the mission that students deserve food, housing, and every chance to succeed. 

  • $50 creates a Welcome Home kit for a newly-housed student
  • $100 makes 100 bags of fresh produce for students experiencing food insecurity
  • $250 provides emergency housing for a student in crisis for a month
  • $500 helps a student earn their diploma this year by overcoming a financial emergency that would have caused them to drop out

# Student Stories

Every person’s story is profoundly sacred, including yours. We all have a story and an important role in sharing how we’re a part of this movement. We hope that by experiencing some stories, you will see your own story and role in this cause.

"I’m a part of the Guardian Scholars program; I just can't imagine where I’d be sleeping without your help. The biggest change in myself that I’ve noticed is I have the strength and optimism now to get my diploma." - Chris B.

“I became homeless because my mother and I were evicted when she lost her job, and it gets exponentially harder to get an apartment when landlords see you’ve been evicted once.” - Isaiah M. 

# Other Ways You Can Help

You can help us reach our goal by donating money, but you can also help us by donating your voice to share our project with your community online and offline. We’re so grateful for the support and encouragement we’ve received so far, and thank you for being a part of our growing movement! Learn more at http://studentmojo.org/

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!