Help Miry's List enroll new arrival refugee families in our fall 2023 cohort

Join Ashley Kramer in helping us meet our most immediate needs for Miry's List

About Miry's List: Miry's List is a nonprofit organization providing a mechanism for people to directly help new arrival refugee families with the incredible challenge of resettlement in the United States. With practical support and joyful friends waiting to welcome them, resettling families are set up to thrive through Miry’s List's wrap-around program that extends long beyond government support. 

What does our program provide? Miry's List is filling gaps in the U.S. government system of support for refugees by providing important things like dishes, beds, clothing and laptops, and offering programs like English learning, mental health support, and career mentoring. Miry's List is community-based support for new arrivals that builds important bridges, invites innovation and drives cultural change through human connection and reducing barriers to true belonging.

Mission to Enroll 50 New Families in Miry's List Fall 2023 Cohort
Miry's List currently has the capacity to enroll up to 50 families in our 12-month wraparound support program for new arrival refugee families in October 2023. To achieve this goal, we need to raise $40,000 by September 10 which will cover the expenses of their enrollment with Miry's List for 12 months. (Why Sep 10? So we have time for the funds to reach our account by the enrollment date Oct 2). 

Help us plan for the future

  • Demand for our program is outpacing the resources we have to enroll more families. We currently have over 75 families waiting to be enrolled in our next cohort. In order to accept all of the families who apply to Miry's List we are asking you to consider a one-time donation to help them settle into their new lives in the U.S.
  • Your donations will enable us to provide 12-months of community-based support for new families enrolled in our program.
  •  A donation of $800 will fund the programming cost to support one new family for the entire year

Your $800 investment = 1 family enrolled in Miry's List 

$8,000 = 10 families

$20,000 = 25 families

$40,000 = 50 families

$120,000 = 150 families