Grow HOPE with Growing Hope Gardens!

Help us grow 5 new resident food gardens in our shelters and affordable housing properties.

We don’t just grow food. We grow hope!

One of our generous donors has pledged to match all gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $30,000.  We need your support to grow five new garden sites. Make a gift today, and your donation will be doubled!

Growing Hope Gardens brings a connection to nature, reduces hunger, and builds community, creating a sense of belonging.

GHG grows regenerative food gardens with residents of homeless shelters and affordable housing as a place for healing, accessing food, skill training, and community building. Increasing accessibility of local, sustainably-grown produce for low-income communities, from families to elders. Supporting opportunities to build capacity in underserved communities wanting to grow, increasing accessibility to fresh vegetables, and providing dignified work opportunities for unhoused elderly and youth. 

We believe on-site gardening and opportunities for residents to work with their hands help establish a sense of community, increase access to a consistent food source, and improve positive health outcomes.

Taking a seed and using one’s hands to grow that source into food gives our participants a way back into their hopes and dreams, allowing them to move forward with hope for a happier and more productive life. Help us grow five more sites today!


48 000 lbs. produce donated 

Vegetables and fruits were donated and distributed to residents (individuals, families, and elders). 

12 Resident Food Gardens in LA County 

Over 2100 square feet of active growing space in nine distinct affordable housing properties and two homeless shelters produce a year-round harvest.

Accessible to over 650 children, adults, and elders.

We support financially disadvantaged persons with 24/7 access to organic food gardens. 


Posted 9 months ago

Because of your AMAZING support, we have reached $8,476 of our $60,000 goal! This is a very successful launch to our fundraising campaign. 

The individual donors who support Growing Hope Gardens are critical philanthropic partners,  joining our corporate and foundation supporters to build more resident food gardens. Our corporate and Foundation partners are also essential, and this year has been one of new partnerships. We were just awarded a $25,000 grant from the Saint Johns Foundation, a new partner, and a $12,500 grant from American Ag Credit and $12,500 from LA County. This support is all amazing and necessary for us to serve our mission of empowering folks of underserved communities to grow their own food. 

Growing Hope Gardens Fundraiser

Here is an article link from one of our original supporters, Growoya, which explains the scope of our mission very well.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for your support!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!