Make education accessible through the arts!

Trying something new or taking a risk can be a real challenge. Especially for students in our school residency programs, who often have a history of trauma.

At a recent program showcase, one of the students, Q, sat near his artwork on display. He described his creative process in great detail to me with pride. The beaming smile, wide eyes, and enthusiasm on Q’s face were infectious. 

Will you please send in a gift by December 31 to help budding artists like Q find confidence in their self-expression?

Your gift has the power to create space for a child with disabilities to increase or discover their self-expression. A donation today creates customized lessons that allow space for creative exploration in the classroom.

The world we live in can be intolerant and inflexible. If a child with disabilities isn’t given the opportunity to express their creativity, they will continue to believe that is the norm. This affects future learning and could increase behavior challenges.

I don’t want that to happen and neither do you.

Before I left the student art show, Q told me that because of the program, he felt more confident. He had pride in his learning and felt safe to explore new things. Q shared that before the residency program, he didn’t consider himself good at art, or much of anything. 

Now, he had something he wanted to share with everyone, and felt proud to do so. 

That’s the magic. It’s what happens when a child shares a piece of themselves with the world without apology. 

Not all students get that chance. 

You understand how important art is to a child’s growth. And, you know it’s not right that every child doesn’t get to create art in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Your gift today will give a child pride in their learning and help them feel safe to explore new things. And your gift supports all the crucial work of Inclusive Arts Vermont.

Can I count on you to help us ensure that children with disabilities have the opportunity to create something they’re proud of? 

Every child deserves to feel the glow of pride in their creations, and themselves. You make this work possible. 

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!