Family Fun Day Match

The Johnson Family has generously pledged to Match donations made to ACF. The Johnsons have lived out ACF's mission, by giving their daughter, Maelin, the permanency she deserves within their safe and nurturing family. In addition to living out ACF's mission, the Johnsons have supported ACF with Jennie's time and talents, by engaging their personal and professional networks, and generous direct charitable giving.  ACF depends on supporters like the Johnsons to effectively provide services and help more children like Maelin thrive. 

ACF has been serving children and families, through a variety of programs and services, for over 30 years. Our programs include ACF Adoptions, ACF Community, ACF Counseling, and ACF +.

Our newest program, ACF+,  is our nationwide medically complex/special needs adoption program, focused on finding families who can provide permanency for children with complex needs. The (+) reflects the extra care we recognize medically complex families need to help their children thrive. 

Don, Jennie, Christian and Maelin Johnson invite you to join them in helping children thrive by partnering with ACF.  The Johnsons are committed to doubling the impact of your donation, by making a $6,000 matching donation.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!