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The Fundable Entrepreneur

Nobody is turned away due to finances in Nxt Wave Founders.  

One of the ways to continue making technology and innovation more accessible to entrepreneurs regardless of background and geography is through our Angels Network.  When you sponsor someone who will benefit every day from our ecosystem, you are changing their life literally.  By joining our Circle of Angels, you will receive email updates describing the impact you’ve made possible in our community.  Thank you for considering becoming an Angel with us and sowing the seeds of a mutually supportive community with us.  You have the option to sponsor a full subscription plan to a woman entrepreneur, a silver entrepreneur, or a fundable entrepreneur that will benefit from the ecosystem, education and resources of our Angels Network.

NWF recognizes that the time, resources and assets, on the part of those who generate good ideas, those who invest in good ideas, and those who stand to benefit from good ideas – are precious and must be supported. 

In this work, we call for evaluation of a broader range of ways, beliefs, and perceptions including the voices of all of those who do and stand to benefit from work and research that happens at  the intersections of entrepreneurship and capital access.

Like you, we desire to be a part of making that change, while advancing innovative opportunities for engaging participating entrepreneurs as the experts in this space of change.  The Campaign funds will support underserved High School Students, Women Entrepreneurs, BIPOC Entrepreneurs, and Minority Business Owners.

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Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!