O! What FUNd We Need! MEALS!

Will you ask for help to stop hunger?

Your neighbor. Your Child's Classmate. Your Coworker. 

Right now, you know someone who is just one job loss, missed paycheck, one broken down car, or medical emergency away from hunger and homelessness.  8.5% of our community members, over 5 out of each 40 people, in Solano County are unable to consistently access food for a healthy lifestyle.

May we count on you to reach out to your friends and family and ask for their help?

27,000 meals are served by Opportunity House every three months and we need your help to continue putting food on the table for our hungry families and individuals. If just 270 people made a $100 donation or committed to $10 per month, it would close the hunger gap for 90 family members for one year! 540 donations of $50 or $5 per month, $1080 donations of $25 per month...you get it...let's do it! 

A parent should never have to tell their child they do not know when there will be food again.

Vacaville's Opportunity House offers housing and programs to transitional adults and their families. The shelter is reliant on community donations to provide the meals our residents eat and cook for each other. To learn more about Opportunity House which is managed by Vacaville Solano Service Corporation, visit us online at vsscorp.org.

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!