Wellbeing is a Birthright

Resilience, Health, Wellbeing for ALL

One Solution is a Chicago-based, globally active non-profit that works to create a sustainable, thriving, and equitable world by which all individuals realize that beyond the destructive thought systems that persist in today’s society, we are all innately healthy, resilient, and part of one another. We are whole within ourselves, and we are whole as humankind. This realization is what will fuel a better world for future generations. We focus our efforts on unearthing the solutions that lie within all people to improve communities, organizations, and systems...but we couldn’t do it without your help.  

Rebels for Peace is a youth-led initiative, currently being led by Dajohn White and Patrick Jimmar. Rebels for Peace works directly with kids, incarcerated youth, youth leaders, and schools from several communities in Chicago to discover new solutions to violence while offering education, empowerment, and support to maintain healthier, and more resilient mindsets.

Every day we are working tirelessly to: 

- Promote mental health in underserved communities in an accessible, community-led, and authentic way 
- Re-create a more equitable world by dissolving us vs them mindsets and transforming the systems that perpetuate inequality.
- To unite instead of separate. 
- Create safer communities and disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by supporting youth, parents, schools, and incarcerated youth 
- Supporting the next generation to build a better world through youth leadership
- Inspire new thinking to fuel innovation and problem-solving 
- Highlight the interconnectedness of ourselves, our communities, and our world  

We are fundraising $300,000 to sustain and amplify our effort in 2023. 

This Fundraiser is specifically focused on supporting our community transformation work and the Rebels for Peace. 
$300,000 will allow us to secure a baseline of impact and achieve the following:

  • Work with 5 schools, serving 800 kids and teenagers on Chicago's south side.
  • Sponsor and Develop 50 youth leaders during our 6-week leadership internships
  • Unite youth, those involved in the criminal justice system, and business and civic leaders to find holistic solutions. 

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!