Operation Surf - Changing Lives, One Wave At A Time

Serving the SOF Community

Operation Surf is honored to serve the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community and their families. This August, we are hosting another week-long program and are asking for your support. This fundraising page directly supports the all-inclusive cost of hosting five couples in a week of surfing and nature that aligns with the Special Operations mission-oriented mindset.

This week-long surfing program is a life-changing investment for our nation's SOF and their family. Our curriculum-based program focuses on wellness performance, cohesiveness, and connection. The challenges and rewards of the curriculum directly impact the betterment of the family unit and, ultimately, increase the service member's optimal performance, self-resilience, lethality, and military career longevity. Participants experience a transformative adventure, including exhilarating physical challenges, Blue Mind, respite, connection, ceremonial healing, and mindfulness teachings. 

This experience is at no cost to our participants. In order to make that happen, we ask you, please consider supporting the next class of SOF families to attend an Operation Surf week-long program by donating to this campaign and sharing it among friends and family. Together we can truly change lives, one wave at a time.

Below are powerful testimonies from past SOF participants. Our participants are truly the voice of our organization, here are some of their experiences:

"Operation Surf was hands-down the greatest trip that I have ever been on. We travel the world for our jobs and get to see and do things that most people can only dream of, but that’s often filled with guilt while my wife is left juggling her own work, the kids, and everything else life throws at her. We spend a substantial amount of time away from each other with all of the trips, training, and deployments. Getting to share this experience with my wife by my side and finding a new, exciting activity that we both immediately fell in love with truly made this a trip of a lifetime. Seeing the constant smile on her face throughout the week was something I haven’t seen in a long time, and it will forever be engrained in my memories." - SOF Participant

"The first day out there, I never stopped smiling. I hadn’t smiled that much in a long time. Pure joy in finding a hobby my husband and I could enjoy together. It was the ultimate blessing for us at this time. " - SOF Spouse Participant

"The fact that I was able to completely disconnect from work and fully submerge myself in the experience without any obligations opened up many doors for relaxation, resetting, refocusing, rebuilding, bonding, and both personal and relational healing. We were both struggling individually and as a couple prior to this trip. The professionalism, relatability, enthusiasm, excitement, openness, and care that every single member of Operation Surf displayed towards us and one another was contagious. They helped us find our individual selves again and helped save our marriage." - SOF Participant

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!

Share this campaign to amplify your positive impact!