Orenda Tribe | Voices of Hwǫłdzil

Spread Love Shine Light for ADABI Healing Center

This concert supports Orenda Tribe on their mission to bring love and healing to the domestic violence shelters serving Dinétah. The Amá Dóó Álchíní Bíghan (ADABI) shelter has not received funding from the Navajo Nation since August of 2019* and demonstrates the struggles that all of the domestic violence shelters on Navajo Nation face each day. In the beginning of the pandemic, the shelter staff were transporting COVID-19 positive patients with no protective gear. The women who work for these shelters care deeply for the relatives they are keeping safe. In March, many of these workers were without pay and had no idea when they would get their next paycheck. At one point, the ADABI shelter had less than $100 in their bank account. Without donations, the shelter would have had to close their doors to relatives in need. Orenda Tribe has been organizing to help provide the shelters with food, PPE and other supplies. We are dedicated to supporting these women and the beautiful work that they do.

*source: ADABI as of September 30 2020