4KINSHIP | Voices of Hwǫłdzil


Spread Love Shine Light for ADABI Healing Center

This concert aired in October 2020 and the initiative continues through 4KINSHIP (formerly Orenda Tribe) and the mission to bring love and healing to the domestic violence shelters serving Dinétah.  The Amá Dóó Álchíní Bíghan (ADABI) shelter continues to work day and night to keep relatives safe.   The initiative began during the early months of COVID 19, when the shelter was struggling to continue their work as a result of lack of funding.  Over the past 9 months, with your help, ADABI has been able to stay open.  

Their work continues and the support your donations provide go directly to them.  We are dedicated to support these women and the beautiful community work that they do.  



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